Italian Day

Hip, hip, HOORAY for Italian Day. Italian Day is a celebration of a different culture and language.  The students were really excited on Italian Day. They came dressed up in Italian colours Verde (Green), Bianco (White) and Rosso (Red), soccer, cycling gear, wearing pasta jewellery and in Italian inspired costumes. 

A highlight was that the Gelati van visited Greenhills. There were smiles all round as the students lined up in ‘gelati flavour’ lines. One line – Arcobaleno (Rainbow), Cioccolato (Chocolate), Limone (Lemon) and Fragola (Strawberry). There was lots of gelati appreciation, “Grazie.”

In the classrooms we sang “If you’re happy and you know it.”  Se sei felice e tu lo sai. (If you’re happy and you know it) and danced the ‘Birdie’ dance for juniors  ‘Ballo de qua qua’ are good for some fun we learnt the alphabet  in Italian Italian alfabeto  and read the book ‘Mr Chicken arriva a Roma’.Mr Chicken arriva a Roma. The story. Stega Nona and  did a Pinocchio activity. Everyone had a great time celebrating. Perfect timing as next week our school theme is ‘Celebrations!’ At Greenhills we like to focus on being positive and we have lots to celebrate.

Grazie to everyone for your support and in helping your child celebrate Italian day.

Have a great weekend.

Krysten O’leary, Roslyn Mackie, Nigel Dunne and Lauren O’Connell

Mad About Science

Wow! Grade Ones are mad about Science and being Scientists. We are so fortunate to have a brand new STEAM room and have been given the opportunity to perform scientific experiments and be real scientists! We are wondering about the area of Science called Chemistry. We have been investigating what changes happen when materials are mixed together in a different experiment each week. The students are so enthusiastic about learning Science and some parents have commented that their kids are counting down the sleeps until Thursday, when they get to do another experiment.

Each experiment begins by the student’s making a prediction about what they think thought is going to happen in the experiment. We then make scientific observations using all our senses and then try to understand and explain the science that is happening.  We have so many questions and wonderings that we are thinking about.

To capture the students’ interest in mixtures and for us to find out what they think they know about how different materials can be combined to make something, we provided them with the opportunity to make scientific observations about common substances. The students can look, touch, smell and hear and then record and report on their observations. So far we have done the ‘Exploding Coke and Mentos’ experiment and this week we made ‘Slime.’ (We are sorry and don’t want to know if your child’s slime escaped the bag and is now somewhere you don’t want it in your house!)

The students are very curious and have come up with lots of questions about mixtures and chemical reations. They are so excited and keen to learn more, so we will be doing scientific experiments each Thursday this term! Have a great long weekend- Lauren O’Connell, Krysten O’leary, Nigel Dunne and Roslyn Mackie.


Book Day

A highlight for us each year is celebrating Book Week, and although it looked a little different this year, we still made sure it was a very special day. We had wonderful fun dressing up as our favourite book characters. The Grade One teachers dressed up and demonstrated how much we value reading and excellent children’s literature. We all love to read and promoting the joy of reading with activities on this year’s theme of ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’ was fun and engaging. There were plenty of Harry Potter characters including Muggles, Where’s Wally, Pirates, Foxes, Rainbow Fish, Super Heroes, Unicorns, Hungry Caterpillars and Disney Princesses just to name a few.  We are so impressed by kids’ positive attitudes and enthusiasm towards the day, they are all working so well together again.

Huge thanks to you all for making such a huge effort to ensure the kids got to enjoy a day that will become one of their treasured Greenhills memories.

The smiles on the  photos of the happy kids below tell a story all of their own.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Krysten, Lauren, Roslyn and Nigel

Smiles all round!

Dear families,

A big happy WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL and CONGRATULATIONS to a sensational start to Term 4!

A BIG thank you to our wonderful grade 1 students were were beautifully behaved, worked together and by themselves and had fun during their first week back at school!!! We are super proud of each and every student for the way they have settled back into the classroom so smoothly (and quickly!) as well as the way we are showing such joy and enthusiasm being back with our classmates and friends. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things this Term is going to bring!!!

Yesterday was AFL Day at Greenhills! In the morning, we participated in fun footy activities that included Rucks n Rovers, Handball Target, Furthest Kick, Goal kicking and more! These activities allowed us to show off our spectacular kicking, hand balling, bouncing and running skills! We all tried our best and cheered on our team mates.

Throughout the day, there were many fun discussions about our favourite teams. We have some very passionate football supporters in Grade One- including the teachers! Thanks to Mr. Daley and especially the Grade 6 House Captains for organising a fantastic day!

Please see our photos below- you might recognise a few smiley faces in there!

The Grade 1 Team


Remote and Flexible Learning at home – Term 3 Week 1

Hello Grade 1 families,

During Remote and Flexible Learning 2.0 we will be updating you weekly with some extra activities to do at home. We’re looking forward to sharing lots of learning, lots of fun times together and having lots of catch ups as well!

This week we have 5 tasks for you to explore. Have a read through, pick one or more that peaks your interest or maybe even challenges you. Once you’ve completed them, share them with your family and friends. These tasks are once again ‘optional’.

Art and Craft

1.Lunch time doodles with Mo Willems (award-winning author and illustrator) –

2.Art For Kids Hub  Watch a dad and his kids teach you how to draw –

3. Cosmic Kids Yoga –
4. Go Noodle  Movement and mindfulness videos –
5. Have a Lounge Room Disco – play freeze, musical chairs, have a dance off.
Remember to find time to have fun, relax and exercise, as these are all important daily activities for you and your family to do.

Have fun!

Grade 1 Teachers

Krysten Oleary, Lauren O’Connell, Roslyn Mackie and Nigel Dunne

Egggtremely Egggciting Event

We had a GIANT EGG suddenly appear at Greenhills Primary School. Some strange things have been happening and each day we have found the egg at a new spot.

Students have been making predictions, observations and investigating evidence and have now reported on the appearance of a GIANT egg that mysteriously arrived at Greenhills Primary School! We were very curious and wrote letters to the museum and the zoo asking if they could help us solve the mystery of the giant egg. They were baffled and needed to consult their colleagues at the London Institute of Paleontology for their expert advise. We were lucky enough to receive a reply from Dr. Moira Pettifogging  and it read…(Click to open)

She also included lots of other factual information about dinosaurs that were known to live in Victoria.





Last night the most incredible thing happened. The egg disappeared!!!!! We couldn’t believe our eyes this morning when this was  discovered and like all good journalists do, we started gathering evidence.

We asked around but their were no reliable eye witnesses. One of the preps reported to have seen the creature (believed to be one of the flying bird like dinosaurs) but when interviewed they didn’t want to make an official comment for the newspaper. Fortunately in the early hours of this morning our our security cameras captured a glimpse of a creature. Was it the creature that lay the egg? Hatched the egg? Or stole the egg? Speculations were flying thick and fast.Below are some of the newspaper articles that appeared in ‘The Greenhills Times’ Newspaper.

Stay well and have a safe and happy holiday.

Roslyn Mackie, Krsten O’leary, Lauren O’Connell and Nigel Dunne


Message from Italian Specialists ‘

This term we will be revising counting by 1’s  to 50 and by 10’s to 100, names of extended family members in the Italian language. Students will be introduced to the days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons, in Italian.

Happy holidays!! Jo and Roberta

The Great Paper Caper


This year we have been reading a variety books written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. This week we read the wonderful detective story “The Great Paper Caper”. To celebrate the story and being back with our friends at school, the students created their own paper planes to enter our very own “113th Biennial Paper Plane Competition”, just like in the book!


We are so happy to be back together.

With school returning this week, many of our students were busting to see their friends, get out of the house and play on the playground. Others had ‘butterflies in their tummies’ and nervousness around coming back to school. The Grade One teachers are thrilled to be back with our students and amazed at how resilient our students are, as they adapt and settle into new routines. Many things are different at school, but the most important things are the same.

The teachers have put in place daily learning routines and have spent lots of time listening to the students as they think about and reflect on things they have experienced and we have acknowledged how things have changed. By encouraging the students to express how they feel and validating their concerns we have let them know that it might be a bit hard and exhausting at first, but it is going to be OK.

We asked some of the students what they loved about being back at school.


 IMG_0118                  IMG_0119                IMG_0121 

My favourite thing about being back at school is playing with my friends – Bella (1KO)

My favourite thing about being back at school is doing Maths with my friends. – Lucas (1KO)

My favourite thing is in Maths.  I like addition.  I can work out 38 + 52 I can figure is out by saying 30 + 50 is 80 and 8 and 2 is a friend of 10 to the answer is 90.  I liked playing with the autumn leaves today with my friend, Jude.  (Jimmy 1KO).

I loved being back at school so I can see everyone again.  (Ruby 1KO)

As you can see from these photos: there are smiles all round! Krysten Oleary, Lauren O’Connell, Nigel Dunn and Roslyn Mackie