Week Nine- Gelati, House Fun and Picnics!

Hello Grade One Families,
It has been an incredibly busy week at Greenhills Primary. We have had a picnic with our new year level and teachers, enjoyed some delicious gelati, hosted a special parent helper morning tea and had House Fun Day! On top of all that, we have still managed to fit in some exciting learning!
The students are extremely excited (and nervous) to meet their new class on Tuesday and Thursday. The sessions will be focused on getting to know one another and will be a positive experience for all. Please remember to discuss these sessions with your child, and focus on the bright side of change, as some children may be feeling very anxious about the transition.
Below are some photos from our week, and important dates for the rest of the year.
Tuesday 10th December – First whole school transition session with new grade.
Wednesday 11th December – Movie and PJ Day
Thursday 12th December – Second whole school transition session with new grade.
Tuesday 17th December – School Christmas Concert starting at 6pm on the Tiger Turf Oval (students wear Christmas themed clothes/colours).
Wednesday 18th December – Final Assembly
                                              – Class Parties
Friday 20th December – Last day of the school year, dismissal from classrooms at 1pm, NO ASSEMBLY
Have a lovely week,
Grade One Team

Nude Food Day Tuesday 26th November

To help keep our school and planet beautiful, we can all help by reducing the amount of rubbish we create.

A nude food lunch – lunch without wrappers- is an initiative the Sustainability Action Team is introducing to Greenhills.

To help raise awareness and educate the school we are holding a NUDE FOOD DAY on Tuesday November 26th

On this day we ask all parents to help their children pack a nude food lunch.

The Sustainability Action Team will then be collecting and auditing lunch rubbish as a part of our research on sustainability.

The Top 3 classes, with the least rubbish, will receive an exclusive Ga Ga Pit session.

For more information about how to pack a Nude Food Lunch please click on the link below and remember to mark this day in your diary!

Many Thanks, we look forward to auditing as little rubbish as possible.

From The 5/6 Sustainability Action Team.



Week 7 – Money, Money, Money

This term we have been focusing on recognising, understanding and using Australian currency.

Students have been in differentiated groups, for example some children have been learning to add $1 and $2, some have been adding $1, $2 and 50c pieces, others have been adding dollars and cents, and some students have even been calculating change!

Students have participated in many activities such as relaying with money, shopping using catalogues, drawing money and making money amounts through interactive games. In the next couple of weeks the classrooms will be introduced to a cafe which requires students to use multiple skills, including reading a menu, taking orders, making food (playdoh, toys), giving correct amounts, and giving change. The students are thoroughly enjoying the real life approach we have taken to learning about money- see below for photos!

Week 6- Colour Run Fun!

Last Monday, we had a tremendous amount of fun participating in the Colour Run! We ended the day covered in rainbow colours and gigantic smiles on our face, but the best part is- we raised money for our school doing so!

Remember, to bring back any money by the end of the week. This way we can submit our prize choices and get them back quicker!

Students have been extremely impressive working in their mixed ability groups to plan their new design for the hall. DON’T FORGET- you are all INVITED to see our ideas, plans and designs (and all the hard work we have put into these) on Friday at 3:00pm in the classroom.

Below you will see some photos from the Colour Run.

Rich Ability-Mixed Project (RAMP)

The whole school is pondering the big question ‘ ‘What is something GREAT that could be built at Greenhills?’ 

In Grade One we have narrowed that question down to ‘How Can We Design a New Hall?’

The teachers set the scene for the investigation. Check out our promo for ‘The Block’ Click the photo below to see the video:

Students are completing challenges in their teams. Each class has five teams. For each challenge, students have a different role, roles are rotated so everyone has a go at each role in the team.  Our ‘Blockhead’ teams consist of an Architect (who is the recorder,) a Public Relations person (who reports on behalf of the team,) a Foreman (the facilitator for the team,) and a Builder ( resource manager who is in charge of materials.)






All 8 challenges will be completed and ready to present to you by next Friday.

You are invited to attend your child’s classroom to see the final reveal of the ‘The Block’ R.A.M.P Investigation on Friday 15th at 3pm. Hope you are able to come. We are sure you will be impressed.

Grade 1 BBQ

   Grade 1/2 BBQ

What an amazing Friday night it was! Students arrived at 5pm eager to get started and jumping straight into playing with chalk and bubbles. Some students ran straight to the tiger turf and played tennis, football or cricket. The time came where it was time to have some dinner! This was great practice for future camps, the students lined up and all got a sausage and a juice. After eating our scrumptious dinner we had a scavenger hunt around the entire school! How cool is that! When all the items were found every student got to have an icy pole. What an amazing night it was and a great experience for all the students.

Week 3- Time

This Term, the Grade Ones have been exploring time. This has included finding out how long a minute REALLY is through completing a number of tasks in 60 seconds,  creating clocks faces and finding out what the features are and how they help us tell the time. We also now feel quite confident in our ability to read time to the half hour on digital and analogue clocks (o’clock and thirty- half past). Some of us are even discovering how to read time in 15 and 5 minute intervals!

See below to see some of the fun we had working in teams to create clocks and race to show the time!


-The BBQ will run from 5:00pm-6:30pm.

-If you child does not like sausage in bread, feel free to pack their own dinner.

-The BBQ will go ahead rain, hail or shine.



Dear Families,

Just a quick note about Friday’s BBQ… While we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine today, unfortunately Friday’s forecast is not as great!

BUT fear not, the BBQ will definitely still go ahead (whoop whoop!!!).

If the weather is fine, we will be outside enjoying outdoor fun and activities.

However, if the weather is wet or too cold to be outdoors, we will move the evening indoors and have lots of fun games, disco etc. inside.

So please keep it on the calendar, no matter what the weather!!!

Also, students DO NOT need to wear uniform.

Cheers and looking forward to a FAB night,

The Grade 1-2 Team

Information Reports

Hello Grade One Families,

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the interesting facts we have been learning as we begin our unit on Reading and Writing Non-fiction Information Reports! We know the reason why authors write Information Reports, is to inform the reader about something. We are really good at identifying the structure and all the features that you may find in an Information Repor;t such as Headings, Sub Headings, Photos, Diagrams, Captions, Contents Page, Glossary and technical vocabulary just to name a few.

With all our practice at reading Information Reports, we are becoming experts on Animals and love sharing interesting facts as we discover them. Soon the children will be excited as they begin to research, take notes and turn their notes into interesting and informative paragraphs as they write their own Information Report about an animal of their choice.

“I never knew Information Reports would be so much fun to read.” – Oscar

“I didn’t know there was an Index in fact books and now I know what it tells us.” – Dakota

‘”I didn’t know there was a Glossary and now I know it tells us the meaning of the words that are in bold writing.” – Max

“I have found maps in non-fiction books.” – Emily H

“I know that there are diagrams to give us information.” – Xander

“I discovered that reading can be so much fun and you can learn heaps.” – Daniel.

“Information Reports have real photos that look like real animals.” – Poppy

“I discovered maps, Life Cycles, diagrams and tables that give us lots of extra information.” – Ari

“From reading an Information Report book I now know the real Scientific name for a Green Tree Frog is Litoria-Spencer.” – Lucas

“I never knew that the photos in the fact books were real.” – Kiera

“I discovered in a fact book that Cheetahs are endangered and I learned lots of facts.” – Lila

” I learned  sharks were there was a shark called Neale that was caught in Victoria.” – Jasper

Term 4 Welcome!

Wow how fast did those school holidays go! We are so excited to be heading into a very busy term 4. We have so many things to look forward to this term including:

  • Grade 1 Barbecue Friday 25th October (5-6.30pm)
  • Curriculum day and Cup Day Monday 4th November – Tuesday 5th November
  • Color Run day –  7th November
  • Maths RAMP task – 15th November
  • Gelati Day Meet and Greet Teachers – 6th December
  •  Transition New Grade Days (December Tuesday 10th & Thursday 12th)
  • Christmas Concert – 17th December
  • Final Assembly – Wednesday 18th December

It is going to be one big term with lots of learning! This term we are learning about:

  • Reading Strategies
  • Non-Fiction features
  • Information Reports
  • Fractions
  • Division
  • Time
  • Money
  • Chance
  • Australia
  • Celebrations around the world
  • Cyber Safety
  • Building New Friendships

We would like to just remind parents the importance of getting to school on time. It is an extremely important part of the day in the morning. This is where the students organise themselves and understand what is going on during the day, This part of the day sets them up for an organised day where they know what is going on.

1AD Timetable

1RM Timetable

1RG Timtable